el restel

El Restel farm is located at Villafontana di Isola della Scala and it is extended on a 30 hectares area where
cereals and fruits are cultivated, kiwis in particular. The farm is binded to the restrictive clauses and methods of ORGANIC FARMING. Formerly the farm was a rice growing one and recently we have decided to restart rice cultivation since this has been the traditonal cultivation of the farm.
Results of the product quality as far as our clientelle is concerned are encouraging us to enhance our organization in order to offer a product of great quality, to an increasing number of consumers, which otherwise would be offered at an elevated price if it had to go through numerous channels of distribution.

In the Restel bio farm cultivations are spaced out by hedges and wooded sides which obstruct the wind gusts as well as moderating eventual spring hoar frosts. Moreover they constitute an ideal habitat for the flora and the winged fauna of the area. Among the cereals there is soya, wheat, and since a couple of years there is particular attention to rice which subsequently gets dried, put into store and husk under strict control. Rice has been globally cultivated for over 10000 years, in 113 countries and it constitutes a basic nourishment for over 3 billions of people. Scientists consider that there are 140 varieties of cultivated rice, however the exact number is still unknown.
The cultivating area is rich of iron, calcium and B group vitamines such as niacine, thyamine, riboflavines and selenium. The partly finished and integral rice maintain all these qualities whereas white rice keeps a sufficient part of the elements although not the whole quantity. Thus, we decided to go on with the partly finished rice which may appear raw but when consumed it demonstrates all of its advantages.

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